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Dezember 14, 2013


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On another note, only one week of practical year left. Considering how irrationally afraid I had been of it, time flew by and now it’s suddenly supposed to be over! I can’t quite believe it… there have been great and horrible things, but overall the time was really good and better than I had feared. I didn’t learn as much as I could have, but I didn’t fail, not at all, in fact I was quite successful and competent within my meager means. I stood up for myself and didn’t let myself get pushed to do procedures I couldn’t do, and I caught some mistakes prior to happening. Overall I am satisfied and pleased to have overcome this obstacle. Scraping and clawing together the paperwork necessary for the exam application now seems to be much harder than the work I’ve done during the last months. If everything goes well, I’ll do one part of the finals in spring, the second and last in autumn. I don’t believe in graduation until I hold the paper in my hands, though, printed black on white. Again, a new chapter is going to start – the final expedition through the dire, harsh landscape of exam preparation. As someone with a little kid (aka time-consuming black hole) I’m realistic, though. If I need to retake parts of the exams, it won’t break my neck, not now. Next year will be interesting! Years ago I wouldn’t have imagined that I could still think of this study and smile, but times change. 🙂

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