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November 12, 2013

The inaccuracy burns!

Filed under: Allgemein — arzt4empfaenger @ 10:16 pm

[Okay, and here I thought only bad martial arts choreographies were painful to watch.] Ahh, omg, ridiculous medical tv series featuring an impaled girl… showing a tiny surgical window (just around the impaling pole) in the sterile blanket (operating room). *Cut* They’re operating, the sterile blanket suddenly with a much larger window (if you know a large surgery is planned, you make a sufficiently large window right away, since the skin needs to be disinfected properly). Cut to someone compressing a tiiiny blood transfusion with very bloody gloves. Also, simulation of a blood draw with an angle that would have resulted in a straight poke through the whole arm… also unbelievable, a ridiculous „let’s lift the patient who must not be moved a few meters“ with six people through free air to the CT gantry. All that in three minutes. Seriously, with that many doctors around worldwide you should expect that one would be available as a paid consult for each tv production.


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