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November 23, 2010

Dumm gelaufen.

Filed under: gesehen und gehört — arzt4empfaenger @ 9:05 pm

Instant Subway Hero

In which a flasher picks the wrong woman to show his junk to. Hell, if someone would actually rub himself against me as he seems to have done to her, I’d have been livid as well. I hear it’s popular in Japan, and apparently, New York too, but I’ve fortunately never encountered anyone here in Germany. I’m not a victim-type anyway, so maybe that’s doing me a favour.

When I was a kid I met exhibitionists on three occasions, in the park that led to my elementary school. I wasn’t shy to fight them with words and run, but as a result (when I told my parents), I wasn’t allowed to cross the park alone anymore and had to do a detour around, which cost me about ten minutes. It was for the best, but back then I was quite annoyed (although the detour led me through an alley with lots of beautiful chestnut trees).

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