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September 5, 2010

Not a case of lazarus.

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I can’t help but wonder if the doctors simply didn’t assess the situation correctly, but either way – I’m happy everything worked out the way it did. Such a lucky baby.

Premature infant stirs to life after two hours of ‘kangaroo care’ (Australia).

Even if it isn’t as „headline“ lurid as the title suggests, the case shows the relevance of good and early contact between mother and newborn. And that they’re given time.
(I’ve read and heard quite a lot about the labor and delivery conditions in many U.S. hospitals, which seem to be less than optimal (i.e. limited choices to actually have a hospital-independent birth in a midwive-house/birth place), and that scared me a bit… there also seems to be a rising „trigger happiness“ in regards to C-sections – not only there but everywhere – and that also worries me. Childbirth and care are natural processes that – unless health issues arise – shouldn’t be made more complicated than they are. German midwives are currently fighting (against insurance policies) for their right to work as freely as they used to, and I hope there’ll be a good end. So far we’ve had all possibilities for delivery here, and I hope that won’t change. I’m not a feminist but women should be able to choose their preferred birth and receive qualified support (and yes, a good midwife will bring you to the hospital faster than you can say „bradycardia“ when there’s a complication she can’t handle).

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  1. I saw this news as well and was a little… perturbed… by it. Bringing a baby back to life?! Not so much, but being able to hold a baby immediately upon delivery? priceless.
    And yes, the „boutique“ C-section is on the rise–in all developed countries. But even with vaginal deliveries, babies are whisked off to be cleaned, swaddled, etc faster than mommy can blink. So sad… and it is next to impossible to find a good midwife in the US, outside of New York.

    Kommentar von DrB — September 16, 2010 @ 10:56 pm | Antworten

    • I was shocked when I first read about the malpractice (because that’s what it is in my eyes) in a lot of places in the US. A good natural birth shouldn’t only be a privilege of wealthy people, and a profession such as the midwives‘ shouldn’t face so many restrictions. C-section seems so easy – you can schedule them, charge money for it, all the while keeping a certain control over the birth and the associated risks.
      With our child and a professional EP by hand, we went to a birth centre (next large hospital six minutes away), with a great midwife. In advance she explained that we’d have an hour or so to ourselves after the birth, to keep body contact to the baby, because she could just as well do all the measuring and tests when the small one had adapted a bit better. Of course without a good midwife, few women are probably in a state to insist on holding their baby first (directly after giving birth).
      Clinical medicine has come far, but in some cases, we go overboard. The saddest is if the reasons are only forensics – or routine and a lack of questioning old routines.

      Kommentar von arzt4empfaenger — September 26, 2010 @ 10:01 pm | Antworten

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