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Juni 13, 2010


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Hospital uses armed man in unannounced drill.
(Quelle: GruntDoc)

Meiner Meinung nach hatte dieser Polizist Glück, daß er nicht von einer couragierten Person angegriffen wurde. Und was ist mit den Angestellten, die unmittelbar nach dieser schwachsinnigen „Übung“ noch ihre normale ITS-Arbeit leisten durften? Ich wäre nicht nur fertig mit den Nerven sondern vor allem wütend gewesen. Unglaublich verärgert!


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  1. I finally realised your blog title. I forgot that „arzt“ means doctor in German. „Noarzt“ is ER doctor, right?

    Kommentar von ERP — Juni 16, 2010 @ 3:11 am | Antwort

    • You’re absolutely right, „Notarzt“ = ER doctor. The user name/blog title is a play of words on doctors and Hartz 4 ( ), since the remuneration in our health system seems or at least feels to be less than optimal. At least young assistants could be tempted to feel they’d be better off with state aide for being unemployed instead of working, at least that’s how it feels like when you’re in the final throws of your study. Ridiculous.
      (I know that no one should pick medicine solely for the money, but it’s depressing that everyone still thinks doctors are making a fortune here while reality is making a lot of young and old doctors give up and leave – either the profession or the country, or worse. Compared to the risks and responsibility one carries, not to mention the unpaid hours, the cleaning lady got the better deal.)

      Kommentar von arzt4empfaenger — Juni 16, 2010 @ 10:24 am | Antwort

  2. Ah. I was wondering about the „receiver“ bit!

    Kommentar von Erp — Juni 16, 2010 @ 4:47 pm | Antwort

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